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Profile Creation Plus
Includes a two hour, one-on-one personal consultation and MORE
Profile Creation
Includes a one hour, one-on-one telephone discussion.

Profile Revision
Receive a complete correctional review of your online profile.

Email Service
For the answers you absolutely need.

Online Dating Coaching
Finding your soul mate can be the most rewarding journey you will ever take. Now all you need is a roadmap.

Online Dating Seminars
Learn how to make online dating work for you.

Photo Consultation
Find our what your first impression really says.

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In the online dating world, you are the product being advertised!  Get a dating profile that attracts the people you actually want to meet!

As Internet dating becomes the most commonly used method to find love, it is critical that you develop an online profile that distinguishes you from your competition. We know it's frustrating to have to think about your competitors when you just want to meet someone special. But in reality, it makes perfect sense.

With thousands of online profiles on any dating site, why should someone read yours?

Assuming the role of a successful marketing manager, TargetLove.com can create an intriguing profile that effectively builds a one-on-one connection between your profile and the people you want to attract. Many people fail to create this vital connection by either being too broad or by listing content that does not speak directly to the desired target audience.

In the business of sales and marketing, traits do not sell products, but rather, it is the power-packed words describing a product's benefits that trigger an emotional response and, ultimately, a purchase.

We'll make sure your profile displays the benefits that your mate desires while making sure your own personal needs are met. Click here to get started.

Feel the difference between a trait and a benefit here.
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