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Sample Profiles
Before Profile #1

Profile Sample #1-Client's 'Before' Profile
43 Year Old Male
Username: youyouma
Title:  Are you Lonesome Tonight?
I am a romantic, optimistic, artistic academic. I respect others and I am self-reflective.  I don't take myself too seriously and believe that the ability of laughing at yourself is a virtue. 
I am spontaneous and easy-going.  Coming from a collectivistic cultural background, I like to be with friends and family.  I am a very enthusiastic amateur photographer.  You can find my work by searching nikonologist online.
I am looking for someone who is humble, open-minded, interested in and respectful of other beliefs and cultures, responsible, self-confident, and balanced.
I look forward to hearing from YOU:)
After Profile #1
TargetLove.com 'After' Profile #1. Client had a two hour consultation with Nancianne Sterling. 
43 year old male
Username: AmelieFan
 Title: “Life is a moment.”

I still laugh at Seinfeld. However, no one truly encompasses wit, writing, and talent in the way that Garrison Keillor does on Prairie Home Companion, particularly in his role as Guy Noir. Good humor is my fine wine, and while I’d rather spend a day sampling comedic sketches over varietals, I’m certainly open to trying new things with the right person. With that said, I’d love to take you to the Kennedy Center to hear renditions of Tchaikovsky’s work-the spectrum of emotions that his music evokes is so powerful, yet beautiful at the same time. I have an easy time empathizing with others as I am often the friend and confidant that people turn to when they are going through difficult times. I’ve realized in recent years that one of my favorite places to go in seeking serenity and calm is the library; I just feel a sense of peace when I’m there. Of course, being a professor who is working toward tenure doesn’t hurt either!    My goal is to get to the point in life where I can truly submerge myself in new passions like taking up piano lessons or actually watching the Top 100 Foreign Films of all-time. But most importantly, it’s more so about the company than the activity, so whether you’re telling me about a funny story from work, or I’ve confessed how I’m fiercely loyal to Diet Pepsi, I look forward to learning your personality quirks and nuances as our relationship flourishes.   So, let’s hold up our glasses and toast to you and I, and the start of a beautiful friendship…

 I’m looking for a yin to my yang, as they say. I’ll laugh at your jokes and be there when you just want someone to listen. You truly enjoy spending time with a significant other while keeping the rest of your life in check. You’re up on current events, but you don’t sleep, eat, and breathe it. You believe in yourself and know that I will, too. Would consider yourself to be extroverted. Overall, if you’re comfortable in your own shoes, have a strong sense of self, and are comfortable communicating, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. And finally, you realize that as a couple we are greater than two pretty great individuals. 
Before Profile #2
38 Year Old Male
Title:  Single and Ready to Mingle....

About Me: Who am I?  I'm a nice guy who works hard.  I'm a small business owner who is working toward a family and life in public service.  What service?  I am still working on that.  Maybe politics.  I believe in selfless service.  Some say that politicians don't live that word.  I think they should.  I would describe myself as energetic, happy, persistent, honest, and trustworthy.  I think my friends would describe me the same way and add bold, aggressive, and takes charge.  I guess I should ask them.  I love to joke around.
About My Date:  What am I looking for?  I think that I can sum that up in four words:  tolerant, rational, self-reliant, and even-tempered.  Yes, I would like to find the love of my life too, but I thought I would start with those fours qualities.  They are a deceivingly difficult filter. 
After Profile #2
TargetLove.com Profile

Title:  "I was looking for Math.com"
About Me:  Crazy adventures happen to me.  Seriously, they do.  From my roller skating escapade on the stairs of the Sydney Opera House to my explorations of the Great Pyramids of Giza, I sometimes feel as thought I'm living the life of an explorer whose true ambition is to keep his intellectual curiosity engaged.  Think Indiana Jones, but without the fighting!  In all actuality, I believe that chasing my ambitions makes me feel fulfilled and alive, and my wanderlust is just one example.  Years ago my patriotism led to me become a military officer, and today my entrepreneurial work allows me the freedom and flexibility to make decisions and to create my own schedule.  And that's a good thing because as much as I enjoy my work, I'd rather be hearing about my nephew's coin collection or having a romantic date with you in Alaska where we hike through Denali National Park and top off our day with a romantic dinner of salmon and chardonnay.  As we gain an understanding of one another over dinner, you'll learn that I value honestly and intelligence above all else, knowing those are key ingredients to our future together.
About my Date:  As for you, your laughter is infectious.  I love how you take the time to make sure that your earrings and necklace coordinate with your outfit.  Your confident aura makes me appreciate you even more.  You've worked hard for your education, but understand that it is a small part of your amazing package.  You know how much I appreciate it when you surprise me with your speciality dish, as it quickly becomes a personal favorite.  Realizing how much I value honestly, you understand when I sometimes say more than I should.  But most importantly, you're absolutely dedicated to loved ones, and you see that our relationship is something worth putting toward the top of your priority list. 
If you're looking for someone to have some fun adventures, I think that you've met your man.  All it takes is a quick wink or email from you to make 2010 a year to remember....
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